Occupational & Personal Health Education  

Explore the latest in health and wellness education through a variety of occupational health lectures and discussions as well as personal wellness seminars offering nutritional consultation and advice for long-term, all-natural health and wellbeing

Workplace Wellness

Our Workplace Wellness program is designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve overall employee health outcomes through wellness resources and education.

Clinic Director Dr. Tim Nicholl offers wellness activities such as health education, nutritional facts and knowledge, spinal health and nervous system functioning, weight management, and general holistic fitness recommendations in our signature Lunch N’ Learn workplace seminars. Inquire today to discover how this information can benefit your company and employees

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  • Increased productivity 

  • Encourage healthy behavior 

  • Decrease company healthcare costs 

  • Reduced absenteeism 

  • Demonstrate concern for employees

  • Increased company morale

  • Bolster company health culture 

  • Increased employee retention

  • Team building opportunity

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Personal Health Seminars

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Maximize Chiropractic is pleased to offer free in-person and online seminars throughout the year featuring our wellness experts who present the latest information on a variety of health topics. Each seminar is interactive and followed by a Q&A session.

Dr. Tim and his staff have a series of personal health and wellness presentations featuring the latest in physical and mental wellbeing designed for all audiences. Topics include Proper Nutrition, Healthy Weight Loss, Essentials to Good Health and many more. 

Take charge of your health, inquire today!

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